Sector/Niche DescriptionRegion Revenue £GBP
Caravans The company sells a large range of popular new and used caravans and motorhomes, a proud and leading caravan and motorhome dealer within the UKUnited Kingdom£10,000,000.00
Manufacturing The company is one leading Tool and Mould-die making companies with its integrated approach to tool design and subcontract injection moulding which equates to more creative solutions and outstanding customer serviceScotland£1,300,000.00
Supported Living / Adult CareThe care home provides care and service through supported accommodation, a communal type of living where the tenants can be their true selves without ceasing what they love to doUK South East £850,000.00
Manufacturing The company has been a creative residential glass solutions provider for quite some time now, with outstanding service regarding residential glass needs. US Florida £2,100,000.00
Manufacturing The company allows businesses to stand out by implementing their brand across various signage media, from shop signage, banners, digital signage and vehicle graphics.US Altanta£1,200,000.00
(Cascade Group) Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles"A well-established taxi company that has been serving local customers for the last decade. "UK Midlands£600,000.00
(Cascade Group) Taxi and Private Hire VehiclesWith its professional service, the company is the longest running taxi service within their local region; offering an unmatched range of vehicles to suit any requirements.UK Midlands£2,300,000.00
(Cascade Group) Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles / Chauffeur ServicesThe company aims to constantly help improve the quality of minicab services within the South East for both customers and drivers; with a reliable service and professional work environment UK South East £2,200,000.00
(Cascade Group) Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles / Chauffeur ServicesThe company is a dynamic company specialising in client and passenger luxury transfers – covering the whole of the South East and all major Greater London Airports and other major UK destinationsUK South East £800,000.00
(Cascade Group) Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles The company is a world class cab company based in the Midlands that does airport transfers, short and long journeys with safety and comfort as their main priorityUK Midlands£2,500,000.00
(Cascade Group) Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles The company takes great pride in being an award winning taxi company delivering a fast and friendly service to the local regions and surrounding areas all year round.UK South East £1,700,000.00
(Cascade Group) Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles The company envisions of providing the highest possible standards attainable in passenger transportation and a commitment to pioneering technological advances within the industryUK North East£2,200,000.00
(Cascade Group) Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles Boasting with fantastic fleet of vehicles, the company aims for clients to travel in comfort and style with and through them. UK Midlands£800,000.00